The Weapons of the American Citizenry  (the Militia) are "necessary to the security of a free state".

 Any attempt to repeal the 2nd Amendment is null and void.  Any attempt to disarm / confiscate the weapons of the American Citizenry is an Act of War. 

  April 19, 1775



   America is founded upon the belief in God.  Our rights derive from God, not governments.



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 2nd AMEND - what it is about

April 19, 1775

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Prayer to St. Jude

Patriotic Songs - We are PROUD TO BE AMERICANS

The 10 Orders American Citizens Will NOT Obey

American Revolution Flags

Reflections Watch it and take a stand

View:   "2AToday for The USA"

Remember D-Day




View: "No Guns for Negroes" (racist history of American gun control laws)

View: "No Guns for Jews"

Gun Control is life insurance for those Government Officials scheming to steal the rest of your Bill of Rights.

Know Your Enemy

The Islamic / Sharia Threat: 

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The Gang


-Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants and being an American
-Illegal Aliens:  Invasion; National Security Threat; threat to the American Bill of Rights Culture 
-Churchill on Islam (1899)

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-Nazi Repression and Gun Control
-Lethal  Laws


-The Battle of Athens, Tennessee 
-She Shot the Nazi Officer ... and saved the children. - what would you do?
-Order to Seize American's Guns - Patriot's Day, April 19th

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-Now is the time for Americans to Defend America

-RKBA Senate Report 1982

-American Holocaust

-Obama - Null and Void. Constitutional Crisis


Illegal Aliens; MS-13 gang linked to al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations; foreign troops on U.S. soil; shootings and other violence directed at Americans from south of the Rio Grande River; bankrupting American Hospitals; ... .

 The problems along the border represent "a clear and present danger to the security of the United States". (Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas).

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Illegal Aliens:  Invasion; National Security Threat; threat to the American Bill of Rights Culture  

Deport them NOW! (i.e., enforce the law). Why is it that only law abiding American Citizens have to follow the law? Cut off the illegal aliens welfare, tuition and other free rides, etc...,  and they will start self deporting.  Let them fly their mexican rag in mexico. Our "representatives" and "President" have sold America out. Their loyalty is with foreigners and foreign interests. They have abandoned the American Citizen. 

Illegal Aliens Get Out of the U.S.A. NOW.

Report 6-8-2006: Northern California (Palo Cedro) - owner of  a Mexican Restaurant responded "F--k you" ... "F--k you"...  in response to the question - why is a mexican flag  flying on the parking lot flag pole near the main road? The American Flag had been removed.  

Update: 6-12-2006:  the restaurant added an American Flag; however, it is flying BENEATH the Mexican. When advised that the American Flag should be on top - the owner said in a derogatory tone - "why would I do that" - "you crazy or what man". He hung up.

BOYCOTT THIS ESTABLISHMENT AND ALL OTHERS LIKE IT.  Our Fathers, Sons and Daughters did not fight to preserve our Freedom to have the rag of a foreign country flying over our land. Is your son or daughter in the military? Are they risking their life for this?